NEAR Blockchain

Building and Issuing Fungible Tokens on NEAR

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About this course

In this course, we’re going to:

  • learn all about fungible tokens – what they are and why you may want to issue your own
  • learn how NEAR handles enhancement proposals (NEPs) and how they resemble Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs)
  • learn how to consult the relevant standards and specifications – specifically the NEAR Fungible Token Standard (NEP-21) and Ethereum ERC-20

Then we’re going to put it all into practice and:

  • build a robust AssemblyScript contract  (and supporting contracts) that issues and manages a Fungible Token on the NEAR blockchain; and
  • build a frontend for that contract built using React incorporating React hooks

We’ll build the contracts according to NEAR’s Fungible Token Specification and extend it to include additional functionality found in Ethereum’s ERC-20.

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